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The Sublime Foods of Spain

The spectacularly beautiful European country of Spain serves up more than breathtaking views and romance. When you travel in the magnificent cities of Spain like Competa, Madrid, or Las Palmas the food is a big part of the experience. The cuisine is something you’ll likely fall in love with at the very first bite. Spanish cuisine is full-flavored and is as vibrant as the Spanish culture and heritage all around it. Here are some of the most sublime foods of Spain.


Tapas bars and restaurants have become increasingly popular in the states and it’s easy to see why. Tapas refers to the small plate size of the dish, not the food that comes on it. So tapas come in endless varieties. In Spain, many places will serve complimentary tapas when you buy a drink, but in other places you’ll need to buy them. What’s nice about tapas is that you can order many different dishes and get a sampling of a variety of flavors instead of just having one large dish.


This cold soup made from tomatoes, vinegar, olive oil, onions, cucumbers, garlic and carrots is amazingly refreshing during the hotter months though. Because each region prepares it differently, trying it everywhere you go will lend a new flavor and perspective to this simple soup.

Patatas Bravas

For the French fry lover in you, you simply must try this dish of fried potato chunks swimming in red bravas sauce (based from tomatoes and cayenne). It’s just spicy enough to be the perfect pair with your favorite libations.

Pulpo a la gallega

Seafood lovers shouldn’t miss out on this famous Spanish dish. Cooked octopus is sliced into small pieces and drizzled with olive oil, then sprinkled with cayenne pepper. It’s quite simple but the flavorful and textural elements of this dish are explosive.


Nothing has more pizzazz and spice than the pork sausages known as chorizo. They’re red and plump, and biting into them results in a juicy but delicious mess.

Jamón Ibérico

This famous cured ham from the Iberian region is like no other ham you’ve ever tasted. The pigs it is made from are fed a very special diet. The result is ham so amazing you’ve got to taste it to believe it.


And finally, one of the most quintessential dishes of all Spanish cuisine is paella. Not all paella is created equal though. You’ll be wise to avoid eating it in a touristy place. Instead, go where the Spaniards go to eat paella and you’ll be beyond impressed. Valencia is the place it originated from and while there are many notable versions of it with each chef imparting their own flair, one of the best is the seafood variety bursting with saffron and filled with prawns, mussels and vegetables.

Car Insurance Online Purchase – Some Benefits of the Internet

Is it possible to buy car insurance online? The majority of people are accustomed to buying their car insurance by going through a telephone book and getting in touch with insurance agencies in the locality.

When you get in touch with a local agency, they normally ask for a duplicate of your present coverage so as to offer you a precise comparison and advice also. This similar procedure can occur with online quoting also.

Getting Car Insurance Quotes Online

The method of online quoting shall necessitate you to post all vital data for you to obtain a precise quote. You undertake most of the work; however, you gain more information when you finalize the procedure.

Compare prices

You should compare prices from different insurance agencies. You can get a quote from different insurance companies by yourself. But you can also use some of the automated services like Money Supermarket (UK), (US), Verivox (German), and Bilforsikring (Danish).

Car Insurance Data Required for Online Quoting

When you are going to buy a car insurance online you need to have some information at hand.

1.    Date of Expiration

The date of expiration is vital as it verifies that your insurance is still valid. This will make you eligible for a better rate with most firms. In case of expiry of your insurance, you might be underwritten into a poor carrier whose rates are higher.

2.    Driver Data

A driver’s license in possession of all resident relatives should be rated on the policy. You shall require inputting the name, birth date and license number of the driver.

3.    Driving Record

Breaches and accidents should be revealed so that you can be pre-qualified for the insurance. This should be precise as insurance firms shall in any case, discover about your driving record. They examine motor vehicle reports from the state you reside and your earlier carrier also.

4.    Vehicle Data

You will need to list every car on the policy. It will be essential for you to have the car identification number for each car. That number shall offer the insurance firm the vital data it requires to discount the car for anti-lock brakes, air bags and other security features.

5.    Present Coverage

Utilize your declarations page for listing all the coverage you presently have on all cars. This shall be inclusive of liability limits, physical damage limit and first party benefits.

Getting a Travel Insurance Policy

One of the best things about travelling is it gives you a breath of fresh air from your daily routine. Unfortunately, going from place to the other is not always glamorous as one can think of. There are lots of unexpected circumstances that may arise along the way which can greatly cause sickness, injury, theft and damages. This makes it a reason why having a travel insurance policy is very important.

Purpose of having a Travel Insurance

A travel insurance is often deemed as a luxury because of its expensive policy rates. Although it may sometimes be true, backpackers who are travelling in a foreign land for a couple of days may find this as a prudent investment. Policies of a travel insurance seek to give backpackers a peace of mind when it comes to trip cancellation, delay or any unexpected disaster that would hinder your plans of travelling. It helps you recover the costs of the inconvenience arising from uncontrollable circumstances. Just like any other kind of insurance policy, a travel insurance has stated benefits, exclusions and limitations. It is not a one size fits all product, but it covers the probable incidence that may take place while you travel.
The purpose of having a travel insurance policy is basically not to guarantee that your backpacking will be 100% safe nor it will not cause inconvenience on your travelling plans. This is intended to secure your future travel and make it easier for you to cope from the financial losses caused by situations that are often unpredictable.

How do I get a travel Insurance?

There are a lot of sources where you can buy a travel insurance. If you cannot find it within your community, there are reliable online websites providing great policies for your upcoming trips, such as Rejseforsikringer, IHI, AXA. The US Department of State also has a list of travel insurance providers. Airline companies and travel agencies also have travel insurance policies for people with different types of travelling perspective. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to do a thorough research with these companies in order to sort out the best policy for your needs.

travelDo not make decisions based on the affordability of your insurance policy. Consider the destination where you are going, the planned travel adventures, cost of airline tickets, accommodation and your current health status. As much as possible, gather feedbacks and weigh the pros and cons of such travel insurance policy. Most policies may have similar offers but always take note on the benefits and limitations you get from it.

The need for a travel insurance policy

Every one of us has varying reasons why we need or we do not need a travel insurance policy. Getting one can be an added expense in the first place, but always remember that having such protection can be a great tool to lessen your expenses from untoward circumstances. There is no need for you to cut your savings from flight delay, cancellation, injuries, etc because you already have an insurance policy that can cover these expenses wherever it is applicable.

Insurance When Studying Abroad

You will need insurance when studying abroad. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity but your insurance may not be valid abroad. You will have to secure specific insurance for your travels. You should check with your insurance carrier to see if your insurance will cover you abroad.

It is very important to have insurance when you are studying abroad. You can run into many situations when you are abroad that will require you to have insurance. Most universities also require that you have your own insurance.

In some countries if you are a foreigner it can be very difficult to get health care without paying out of pocket or having health insurance.

 Finding a Good Deal

Obviously if you are getting ready to study abroad you are a student so finding insurance when studying abroad and saving some money takes priority. You can find a good deal on this type of insurance by shopping around for it.

When you shop for this type of insurance be sure that you are looking for the right type of insurance not all plans are active in all places. It is best to search by the country that you will be studying in. There are some “traveler” insurance plans that offer coverage through certain regions but this typically is a time limit plan that will only cover you for a certain amount of time or a very specific period.

Young adults
Young adults

 Shopping for the Plans
If you want to drive while you are studying abroad you may have to get a separate insurance plan for that. Health insurance, accident insurance and any other insurance that you may need can be found by shopping around a bit.

Before you start comparing plans you should contact your host school and find out what the requirements are for insurance when studying abroad in that country. Once you get the details than you can start your search. Most learning institutions will include insurance requirements with the enrollment package but if not just call to be sure.

If you can get a combination type plan you may be able to save some money. Use a reliable website that offers phone support or an online chat feature so if you need to you can get guidance. It is important to have insurance when studying abroad. You will be very far from home and it is always a positive to have insurance in case of any unforeseen mishaps. In most cases it will be required.

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