10 Interesting Facts About Toyota

Toyota, one of the biggest companies in the world, is a symbol for reliability and durability. It’s without a question the only brand recognizable everywhere on the planet, whether it’s North America, Australia or even Africa. Speaking of Africa, it’s interesting to mention that 8 out of 10 cars in Africa are Toyotas. That’s roughly 80 percent of all cars there. The simple factor determining whether Africans will purchase a car or not is whether it wears the Toyota badge. It’s as simple as that. However, Toyota has a very long history and heritage littered with some interesting and unknown facts. We thought we’d share a few which you probably never heard of.

At one point it was called Toyoda

Kiichiro Toyoda, its founder, originally called the company Toyoda after his last name. However, due to a popular contest in which the new (current) logo for the company was created for aesthetical reasons, he oversaw the change from Toyoda to Toyota. It was easier to pronounce as well, especially Asian markets. The Toyota logo is one of the most recognizable brand signatures out there, and we’re not just talking about car manufacturers.

Fastest Selling

The Toyota Corolla, the brand’s most popular model, has been selling at a staggering rate ever since its release. On average someone somewhere in the world buys a Corolla every 37 seconds. After 2013 that figure went down to 27 seconds. That means that by the time you read this paragraph alone, one or two Corollas have already been sold. By the time you’re finished with this entire article, a dozen of them will have been sold. Total sales have topped the 40 million figure, which is absolutely mind-blowing. It goes without saying that the Corolla is the most common sight on African roads.

Immense Resale Value

Most cars suffer from rather significant depreciation, especially in the first years after their production. The general rule is that the higher the price of the car, the bigger the depreciation. There are a lot of other factors which determine it as well, such as brand. According to a few studies conducted in various market places, Toyota models suffer the least amount of depreciation, maintaining the highest resale value.

 Old Toyotas

It’s not just a myth that Toyotas are able to run almost forever. You can still find plenty of 30 and 40 year old Toyotas roaming the roads today. The fact that a staggering 80 percent of all 20-year old Toyotas still exist and are driven to this very day speaks in volumes of the brand’s quality and durability. The most durable models are the Corolla and the Hilux, both of which have a near perfect reliability record. People who usually buy a Toyota once tend to stick with the brand forever, due to its amazing sheet record and real-world performance.

An Eco-friendly Brand Like No Other

Toyota is the leading green brand. It officially surged ahead of its rivals and other manufacturers in the race to become the most famous Global Green Brand. Last year alone the company was ranked as the number one Green brand by Inter brand Survey. Toyota cares for the environment and puts all the effort in (both money and time wise) to make sure their cares are as friendly to the environment as possible. No other brand as put as much research and development into hybrids as Toyota has. Just think of the Toyota Prius, the car which effectively kick-started this entire hybrid craze.


The Corolla is the best-selling nameplate out of all the models in the world. It doesn’t just sell the fastest, but the most as well. One would assume a kind-of natural competitor to the Toyota would develop over time, but that hasn’t happened yet, nor is it likely to ever happen.

Patented designs

Toyota holds the world record for the most amount of global patents with a figure of over 1000! With so many innovations being introduced each and every year, you’d figure they’d be evenly spread out amongst all manufacturers, but the truth of the matter is that Toyota holds the majority of them. The future looks even brighter, with Toyota planning to develop and introduce new patents for their latest technologies and systems in the upcoming couple of years. We can’t wait to see what the next decade or so brings.

World Wide Brand

Coca-Cola and similar companies are well-known in 100 countries or so. Compared to Toyota, that’s merely half. Toyota’s business operations are involved in around 170 countries worldwide, and that number keeps growing with each passing day. If you want to know which brand holds the record for having the most recognizable and popular name and logo, look no further. It’s Toyota. They have done an excellent job branding and marketing their company, not just in mainstream western markets, but in poorer markets as well.

New Technology

Toyota marked 2016 as a year in which they introduced the first hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle to be sold commercially in the form of the Toyota Mirai. Toyota has been working on fuel cell technology for over 20 years, and the Mirai is the culmination of that work.