Fashion for the winter

Fur sleevesBrave the cold stylishly this season. Adorn yourselves with the most cozy furs and coats that not only make a statement but get you all warmed up too. This winter, experiment with your wardrobe. Mix and match all the pairs of dresses you thought were useless. Nothing ever is useless, is it? Picking up little tricks and wardrobe twists to wear right now is the secret to wardrobe rejuvenation. You can always make the most out of everything lying in your wardrobe and kill the look with your attitude. It definitely is a tough job to keep up with appearances when it’s literally freezing outside and all one wants to do is slip on an old pair of sweatpants, yet, don’t stop yourself there. Keep the diva alive, despite the dreary weather. Ward off the chill and boost your confidence with the latest trends of 2015 as it only takes a little inspiration to revitalize your wardrobe and rock the streets.

Summers were all about stripes, so winters now bring forward plaids. Choose your scarf, oversized coat, shirts, pants or dress in a plaid pattern. Adding a bit of red to all the black we love to wear, brightens us up. A Stine Goya top is always fine.Wool works best with plaid. So keep your wallets handy whenever you catch a woolen item hanging in a showcase nearby. Geometric prints, sandy colors and short, subtle fringes dominate this fall. Stabilize the wanderer feel by tossing in some organized components such as a baseball cap, shades, a cowhide belt or furry boots. Add structure to your winter outfit with a knee-length robe coat in camel, gray or mélange colors. The lapels and tie-scarf cut an hourglass outline, while an open placket implies more prominent flexibility.

How to dress in winterFluffies are back this year. They even made a statement on the ramps globally. Fluffy cuffs and furry sleeves added to the sweaters and long dresses made them look all the more adorable to experiment with this season. Beanies are your best friends. Grab a pair in uni-color and avoid doing your hair in the morning. Saves time and keeps you graceful. Furthermore, accentuate your final look with simple accessories. A chain, big earrings, or a bracelet can add magic to the classy style.

If you’re scared to bring out those flare dresses, then fear not! They can be worn even in winter, and all it takes to make them cozy enough is a little bit of layering. Grab your cute lacy dress, and wear leggings with it, black always does the trick. Warm up the look with a leather jacket or a warm blazer and match it with ankle boots. If nothing suits your taste, just go with the denim jackets. The simpler the best! The trends this year accentuated denim overalls and shirtdresses. You might as well just tuck in a chambray shirt into a darker shade of denims. If you have an old long sleeved dress in the wardrobe and you never remembered to wear it during the summers, now is the best time to utilize it. Pair it with just a cute scarf. You must get hold of a few funky scarves which aren’t too cheap and roll them around your neck, or tie a single/double knot and see the kick you feel in your attire. They are cozy and warm too. Don’t forget the knee high boots as they outshine your attire! They can be a perfect replacement for tights as well! As for a cardigan, cinch up your waist with a stylish belt and show-off the Southern touch.

Red plaid trendFor a young and carefree teen, let your imaginations roll. Add as many layers as possible: a chic hat, a jean jacket, a cardigan, a coat, a scarf, and high socks. It might get you a few winks and hoots on the corner of the street. For a classier touch, get hold of a long cardigan, a fat knitted scarf, cute tights (lacy may work too!) and combat boots. Be comfortable with you attire, choose a cozy apparel and keep relaxed! Don’t work yourself up too much and be yourself. Your originality is your best ornament.