Learn Spanish at Don Quijote

top-logoLearning Spanish has just become the “in” thing  to do these days. Everyone seems to want to get a grasp of this language, but why? The reason behind this craze is the value of learning Spanish has become progressively more vital in terms of the global economy. Moreover, Spanish as a language is said to play a key role in your own personal growth. The Spanish fervor for living is infectious and once you start to gain knowledge of the language and the culture, it becomes an addiction.

There is no superior way to become skilled at Spanish, however, spending time learning the  language at a school in Spain or Latin America would be very beneficial. This is the best way to learn the language because you get to understand the technical aspects of  the language in a scholastic environment, thus supporting your grasp of the language.  Being in this environment also gives you the opportunity to  meet new people, who are speaking  the language.  So in essence, you learn the language and you also learn about their culture and traditions.

Don Quijote Spanish School,  opened in 1986, and  has constantly produced students who have gained self-belief and skill by applying their new language skills to realistic situations. Don Quijote is one of the best when it comes to learning Spanish; having the reputation of being very organized, while placing special  emphasizes on teaching the language through practice and incessant communication.

Most  students who attend Don Quijote, get there by personal  referrals, which proves the schools credibility. The school also offers a wide variety of options in courses and activities. The course duration is also a matter of choice, where each student can opt for a one week course, or a one year course as per his convenience.  Another option offered to the students  is the ability to design the language travel program of their choice.


At Don Quijote Spanish School, students learn to mingle with students from all over the world.  Almost all branches of this school have earned high-status certifications including being identified as an accredited branch by Certificate of  Excellence in CEELE; conferred by University of Alcalá and Instituto Cervantes.  American Universities  have awarded Don Quijote an  intellectual credit for their courses.  This highly reputed institute is also approved by Swiss and German governments for their erudition programs.


For the past 25 years, the schools staff  has been devoted solely to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language.  The entire team of instructors and professors are degree holders, who are qualified and zealous about teaching their national language.

The destinations of the school has also been chosen  as being among the most stunning, momentous and culturally important cities in Spain and Latin America.  So much  because of their strong  believe in teaching in places surrounded by their people and culture. Students are also given the option to choose between hanging out in one city, or, stay in two or more locations, without  losing a beat in their study program.


The Don Quijote School has always given supreme importance to the Spanish culture and hence offer cultural activities and weekend sightseeing excursions on a daily basis to introduce their students to the rich culture of their host cities.


The school takes pride in the accommodation facilities they offer, such as a computer equipped room with wireless internet access.  They also give the students a scanner, digital camera and a personal space on the school website to post their pictures. Students also get easy access to reading and reference books, videos, personal stereo, DVDs, CDs and tennis rackets. There is a an emergency phone line that is available 7 days a week, as well as an artistic adaptation and expert guidance adviser.


Don Quijote Spanish School,  offers thorough written and oral level tests to place  students at the study level that’s appropriate for them. Also the students are awarded with a certificate of completion documenting their progress, hours completed, and level of proficiency achieved by them.


One of the best features about the Don Quijote School is that they follow a very personalized approach to teaching. From day one the students enjoy a wonderful welcome reception at the school.  Teachers continue to help them get acquainted with their surroundings throughout their stay. The school  takes in foreign students and treat them as their own natives.


This school strictly adheres to their motto; “Live Spanish as you learn Spanish”. You can visit their site at donquijote.org