Learning Spanish for a Trip or Move to Spain

Going to any foreign country can be nerve-wracking, especially when you’re not familiar with the native language. If you’re planning on going to Spain any time in the future, you should consider learning Spanish. This is especially true if you are planning on living there for a long time, as a few phrases will only get you through a short stay. There are a lot of difficulties you will face not being able to speak Spanish, but many of those can be alleviated by just understanding the basics.

When it comes to learning Spanish, there are a lot of ways you can do so. A lot of people like to go to class, but there are others that find self-study works best for them. It’s important to choose what works best for you and the way that you learn, as this will ensure that you have success. Those who choose private tutors or schooling will have a lot of options, but these can be costly. This is why it’s important to search around and find that best learning method that makes the most financial sense for your situation. Whether you choose a group setting or one-on-one instruction, the main goal is to pay attention and keep up with what you are learning.

One of the more affordable options for learning is a language exchange, which is where you work with another person to teach each other your languages. These exchanges can generally be found online, and there are a lot of people who participate in them. You will benefit from this as long as you take all opportunities to speak out loud and listen to the people that you work with. You learn a lot simply through observance, so paying attention is essential. This education method can be used alone or in addition to a traditional program, it just depends on how quickly you want to learn.

You could try these language exchanges if you are interested:



Individuals who are making a permanent move to Spain can check to see if the local city government offers language programs. These are generally free and available throughout the year, so they are worth taking advantage of. There are also language schools that can be attended, but these generally do cost money. An example of a school that a lot of foreigners visit is that Spanish Lingua Language School in Madrid. This is a great school because it’s located right in Madrid, which is the capital of Spain. A lot of people attend these, so it’s a great way to meet new people while getting a hang of the language.

The basics of Spanish will have to be learned first, as those are the building blocks to learning more complex sentences and phrases. As you continue to learn more you will find that holding conversations is a lot easier and you understand more of what people say. Once you’re immersed in the full culture of Spain you may feel overwhelmed, but understanding the language will help you out immensely. You can utilize your language skills to meet new people, shop at stores and just have small conversations that make your day go more smoothly. Eventually you will be able to make connections with locals, and that will help you to learn more Spanish and fine-tune your speaking and listening abilities.

Anyone interested in learning without feeling overwhelmed may be interested in formal instruction through an audio or magazine subscription. These offer advanced materials that teach willing learners how to better speak Spanish. It will also teach tips and tricks that lead to a better understanding of the language as a whole, and this can make being in the area much easier. An example of a publication that a lot of people enjoy is Puerta de Sol. This comes out bimonthly and offers subscribers the chance to learn more about speaking and reading Spanish.

Last, but not least, social groups are great for meeting new people and improving Spanish-speaking skills. These are not formal classes, so they are not as instructional as a regular classroom would be. They are fun because members get to talk, practice their skills and learn from other people. They may go out to dinner, meet at a cafe or go other places where they can practice the language in the real world. This can lead to making great friends, but also having a lot more confidence with speaking Spanish with other people.

photo by: R.Duran