Nail Art Tutorial

Creative and funky nail art designs are the new trends amongst girls and women of all ages. Decorating one’s nails with beautiful and appealing patterns adds to the beauty and presentation of a woman. It presents a tidier and well put-together image of a woman or girl when she meets people and communicates with them. There are various kinds of designs and patterns that are used by women across the world to design their nails, according to the occasion and suitability. As summers are almost here, women prefer to design their nails with funky colors and pattern that are appropriate for the season.

In our blog today, we will guide you step by step on how to create a simple yet beautiful nail art pattern on your nails that will leave a pleasing impression of you on others.

Step 1: Clean your hands and nails thoroughly:

nailIt is very important that you clean your hands and nails carefully before beginning a nail art design. Untidy nails are hard to work on as the nail enamel keeps sticking to the dirt on the nails and doesn’t help in achieving a smooth texture. Dry your hands and nails properly after scrubbing them thoroughly. Do not forget to clean your nail beds with a cuticle.





Step 2: File your nails:

nail2The next important thing to do is to make sure that all your nails are in good shape and size. Nails with uneven sizes are not appealing to look at and there is not much that can be done about the nail sizes after the nail art is completed. Therefore, it is important to cut and file your nails to a specific desirable length, and all the nails must be approximately same in shape and size. 



Step 3: Things needed:

For the kind of nail art that we are showing in our blog today, you need different colored nail enamels (the ones that match your dress), scotch tape, nail art brushes, cotton buds, nail polish remover and napkins/tissues.

Step 4: Apply a base coat:

Now to begin the nail art, first apply a base coat on a clean, dry nail. The base coat can be a layer of transparent nail enamel or a coat of white nail enamel. The purpose of this coat is to provide a foundation for your nail art design, one that is smooth and easy to work on.

Step 5: Putting another layer:

Apply a coat of any nude colored nail enamel on your nail. When the first coat dries, put another coat on top of it and leave it to dry.

Step 6: Painting the roses:

After your nude nail enamel is dried, pick up a nail art brush with thin thistles. This is when the real work begins! Dip your brush in dark pink nail enamel and start painting a rose on your nail. Carefully paint a rose like structure on your nails. In case of any error, dip a cotton bud in a drop of nail polish remover and remove it. After the first set of dark pink roses and dried, dip your brush in baby pink nail enamel and start giving more defined petals to your roses. You can use your favorit nail enamel. If you want to try something new theb try nail enamel from Essie or Revlon

Step 7: Planting the leaves:

After the roses have dried, it’s time to make the leaves. Use light green nail enamel to paint the bases of the leaves just beside the roses. After the light green enamel has dried, start giving shades to your leaves with dark green and brown/black nail enamels.

Step 8: Giving the finishes touches:

Now for the final touches, paint each nail with a coat of transparent nail enamel and marvel at your work.nail3