Popular Attractions to Visit During a Vacation in Paris

Paris is known as the city of love and romance, so it is a wonder that anyone ever really gets any sightseeing in when they are there!  However, there are some fantastic attractions within this city and they need to be on everyone’s must-see list when they are there.

Here are the popular attractions to visit during a vacation in Paris:

Notre Dame Cathedral

This gothic masterpiece dates all the way back to the 12th century and the massive towers, amazing spire, and the beautiful stained-glass windows make it one of the most breathtaking cathedrals in all of Europe.  It took more than one hundred years to finish constructing this cathedral, which is one of the numerous reasons everyone needs to see it firsthand.  Visitors must also climb up to the top of the northern tower, so that they can see magnificent panoramic views of the city below.

The Eiffel Tower

Everyone wants to see the Eiffel Tower when they visit Paris, so it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular attractions within the city.  Some people are fine with looking up at this tower from below, but most visitors will want to go to the top where they can stand out on the observation platform.  No one can really agree on the best time to venture up to the top of this tower, as the views are brilliant during the day and at night when everything is lit up.

The Arc de Triomphe

The overpowering Arc de Triomphe stands at one hundred and sixty-four feet tall at the end of the Champs Élysées and it makes people stop in their tracks when they first see it.  That was the goal of Napoleon I, as he had it constructed to emanate his power and authority after the war.  Most people are happy seeing this intense structure from the ground, while others want to climb to the top to see the busy street below.  However, everyone must stop to pay their respects at the tombs of the unknown soldiers at the base of the structure.

These gardens are part of the best park in the city and the most talked about feature is the octagonal pond with a fountain in the middle.  Two terraces surround the pond and they are lined with statues.  The gardens were originally designed during the 17th century, but they were redesigned during the 19th century by J.F. Chalgrin.  Families love watching the marionette show at the Guignol Theater, as well as the puppet shows that are performed at the Luxembourg Theater.

These are the most popular attractions within Paris and they must be on everyone’s itinerary when they visit for the first time.  Of course, everyone will probably want to see them again in future visits, because they are just that wonderful!