Top 5 New Year’s Resolution for Improved Health and Fitness


What is your New Year’s resolution for 2016? For a lot of people New Year’s resolution is about heath. The year has just started, and is a perfect time to focus on diet and fitness routine that helps improve fitness and health. Many gyms witness their membership double each year in January, however attendance usually returns back to its normal, by mid February. Studies have shown that setting up clear, specific, realistic and smaller health goals leads to higher success rate of New Year’s resolution. Here are some easier and more achievable health goals that you can make your own.

Drink more water

Major portion of your body weight is made up of water, yet it continues to take a back seat to other priorities. Make a resolution to get more than eight glasses of water or about two liters of water. Water will keep you full, will flush out toxins from vital organs and will carry nutrients to your cells. Soda and beer don’t count as a glass of water. They in fact dehydrate your body.

Take stairs

Take a resolution to skip the elevator and instead take stairs at your office. It will add a quick cardio boost to your day.

Find opportunities to stand or walk

They say sitting is the new smoking. However if you see, you will find yourself sitting most of the time, whether in car, in class, in a theatre or in your office desk. Sedentary lifestyle increases the risk of developing many serious illnesses, like type2 diabetes, certain type of cancers, and heart disease. Take a resolution to get up at least once an hour. Also develop a habit to get up from your desk and get moving every time you get a call on your cell phone.

Don’t skip your breakfast

Mornings are busy and skipping breakfast seams only natural to catch-up with the schedule. However be careful, studies have found that skipping breakfast increases the risk of coronary heart disease. Don’t skip your breakfast, even if that means grabbing a granola bar on your way to office, to make sure you eat something to jump start your day.

Increase fruits and vegetables intake

Fruits and vegetables come packed with health promoting and disease fighting phytonutrients, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. You should ideally be eating five to eight portions of fruits and vegetables a day. To make things interesting and help your New Year’s resolution, you can bring in variety, for example you can have fruits and vegetables in the form of salad, fruit salad, fruit smoothies, green smoothies, or raw vegetables as snacks like carrot and cucumber etc.